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The place I will never forget

There are already several posts in my blog about Argentina, but this will be a special one. About a place where I left my heart, where I felt truly free - The Glacier Perito Moreno.  Here are some reasons why you... Continue Reading →


From the Pyrenees to the Sierra Nevada

Normally when you think about Spain, you imagine Barcelona, Canary Islands with gold sand beaches and sunny weather all the year = all year long, but have you ever thought about Spain as a ski destination? Besides the fact that... Continue Reading →

Snowboarding in SIBERIA!

Another obsession of mine is snowboarding.     You probably can imagine that in Siberia a lot of people do ski or snowboard, but I actually started really late when I was 17 I think. The best place to learn... Continue Reading →

A Huge Surprise! Chile is a MUST SEE!

What do you think when you hear "Chile"? What is the first thing which comes to mind?      Maybe Easter Island?? Which is so far away and pretty expensive to get to btw...     Maybe the Andes? ...YES.... Continue Reading →

The Paradise of “Pintxos”

Spain is famous for its food and it's a paradise for a foodie like myself 🙂 This time I decided to combine traveling and gourmet experience at one place - San Sebastián or Donostia, how spaniards call it in Eusquera... Continue Reading →

Make it real in 2017!

    There are some hours left till the New Year´s Eve, its time to think back to 2016 and the things happened this year.     To be honest, my 2016 was just amazing, I achieved most of the goals... Continue Reading →

Christmas Rush 2016

This year I visited one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe - the London´s Winter Wonderland @Hyde Park.     The market houses more than 200 chalets with a huge variety of festive goods, lights, cuisine etc. An enormous Bavarian... Continue Reading →

One of the 7 Wonders of Nature

This has been my desktop picture during a couple of years and finally I found time to make it real and go there.      What am I talking about? Exactly, Iguazu falls - the largest waterfalls system in the whole... Continue Reading →

You never to old to chase your dreams! Diana Nyad   

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