I would like to introduce myself first. It will give you an idea about my personality and will make you feel more comfortable reading my next posts 🙂

My name is Ksenia, I am 26 and just by reading the blog title you can say where I am from. And yes, I was born in Siberia, Novosibirsk – the capital, which is a pretty big city, the third one by population in Russia following Saint Petersburg and Moscow. When I tell people I am Siberian, they normally (99.9%) do “brrrr” if they were frozen. That´s a funny reaction, but I totally understand it because all the things people usually know about my homeland its snow, bears and Trans-Siberian Railway, they are sure that there is NOTHING in Siberia. I will refute this fact 🙂 Please take a look at this video of my hometown:

So how did my story start? I began travelling when I was 19 and since then could not stop.

I´ve been living in USA, doing a Work&Travel programm two times, then I did my Erasmus in Vienna and fall in love with Europe. I travelled to a lot of cities to find a perfect match and here it is – now I am based in Madrid. The fabulous Spanish capital, which is known for its history, elegant boulevards, art museums and of course amazing night life. Its a city which is always on the move, it has a powerful energy which feels you up every time you are out on the streets.


For now I am calling Madrid “My second home” and I am so happy to be here for more than 3 years already.

I did my MBA here in Madrid and now I am working in mobile marketing industry.

Living in the capital, you get use to crowded centre, especially Gran Via, spaniards talking really loud (which is something that freaks you out in the beginning), a lot of events happing all the time in the city, so you never get bored 🙂 Why did I actually choose this city? It just felt right! It felt like home the first second I got here.

In this blog I will try to inspire you through my personal experiences and life story sharing detailed articles about my trips, new obsessions and things which make my life meaningful.

Let´s begin the adventure!