A dream coming true…one day it just popped up in my mind that it would be nice to try surfing, it seemed to me so magic, so interesting and not that hard to learn from the first sight.

     I’ve just noted this in my “to do list” and tried to get somebody of my friends into the surf trip, but there are not many sport girls among my friends who has an opportunity to travel abroad for a week surf course, as I thought it was the best option to learn how to surf, so I started to look for surf schools in Spain and Portugal. Some of them I really liked but the water in Portugal and north of Spain was so cold that I finally decided that the perfect spot will be Fuerteventura – one of the Canary Islands, famous for surfing especially in the northern part of the island – Corralejo. Then my friend told me that he have been learning surfing in one of the schools there which is called Quicksilver Surf School or Sunwave as they changed the name some time ago. I was so obsessed with the idea of doing it that I’ve decided if nobody wanted to come in the end, I would go alone because I needed to do it, I have no idea why I was so sure about that… its was like an idea that my brain has been elaborating for so long and finally got it ready for me to be accomplished.

    Meanwhile I was thinking who could be a perfect buddy for this trip…

I called my friend who lives in London and always up to everything and she said “Yes, why not?” Can you believe it? Just that easy? I was so freaking exited and told her that I would book everything she just needed to come there the day I tell her. We chose a surf camp as accommodation because it was a funny option which could give you an opportunity to know people around the world passioned about the same thing as you and learn from them about surfing “aloha spirit” and be into the surfing community 24/7 the whole week.


    Plain tickets booked. Classes booked.3 weeks left. I was going crazy about the trip. I was just counting days left and looking forward to THAT DAY to come as fast as possible.

    …the 23th of May 2016 I landed at Fuerteventura Island. It was amazing feeling to see my friend Mariya at the airport as exited as I was. A guy from the surf school came to pick up us and bring to the surf camp. While driving to our destination he told us a bit about himself and a lot of things about the island: main things to do, to see and a bit of the island´s history. It was so beautiful, white Sahara sand, volcanic origin, and pacific blue ocean…I couldn’t keep my eyes out of the water … it was magic, that blue and crystal clear that seemed not to be true. So enchanted by the ocean we got to the surf school first to get everything ready for next day lesson and our keys of course 🙂

    The school was like from a surfing movie, starting with Quicksilver white land rovers parked outside with surf boards on top of them and guys with sun bleached hair and surf tan. We also met a photographer, the nice guy from Austria who made a Spanish language course in Costa Rica so he welcomed us with “Hola” and friendly smile. Everything was just perfect. Then we arrived to the surf camp called “casa Marco”, typical white beach house with nice back yard where usually yoga classes took place. We stayed at a nice studio with a small terrace and a shower outside, which was a bit surprising but we were so exited about everything that it was like the very best option for us.


    So the plan was to surf and to party hard! We had a nice dinner with the guys from the surf camp, there were so many totally different people: an english teacher from Germany, a software engineer from Switzerland, three teenagers from Austria, a graphic designer …I would call it really random group of people tho, but they all were so nice and happy about being there only for one reason – SURFING.

   Our classes started next morning. Thirst thing to tell is that is awesome to wake up with the sunrise, take a shower outside and feel the wind from the ocean touching your skin. That sunny morning we met a very special person – our instructor David. A 40 years old guy who looked 32 the most and his positive energy vibes were just everywhere around. At the school there were several teams depending on the level and experience, of course we were total Kooks (surfese for beginner). Some more girls, Mariya, me and David took off in one of the land rovers and started our first experience in surfing. You always need to be aware about weather conditions while choosing a right spot: wind, tight, current etc. Actually there are so much theory I’ve never imagine! So all the way to the beach David was giving us general guidelines about how to behave in the ocean and what a beginner needs to know.


    Mariya couldn’t stop asking, questions were just coming to her head every second, one after another 🙂 Thanks for David´s patience –  I was sure he would definitely made it through the whole week.

    I’ve just came to the most important part where I should tell about the first day and I almost have no words to describe it because it was just emotions. We made it really fast standing up on the board and every time ended up screaming out loud. David knew how to motivate and was checking all the moves and then correcting all the mistakes. 5 hours of surfing just flew, I didn’t even noticed, but my body did. When we finished the course and get our boards on top of the car I felt really tired, every part of my body hurt but I was the happiest person in the world.


    Surfing was hard but always fun: falling down, standing up, balancing, theory lessons, photo sessions, catching first white water and dreaming about green waves. That´s how surfing should be – FUN. Even tho you are a kook and have almost no idea where surfing would bring you and how happy it could ever make you.

    We spent all the mornings surfing, than lunch, than siesta time and sun bathing after 🙂 It was a healthy spirit mixed with good wine in the evenings and really good seafood – especially for such a food freaks as we are.

    Amazing people everywhere, I could not get enough of them: life story telling, decision-making based only on one thing – surfing. All their lives were completely built on that basis, nothing else had such importance. Ever. Their way of thinking was so different to mine – as I was just getting to know what surfing means – it was everything for them. You are happy – go surfing, you have problems – go surfing, you have a day off – go surfing, find a right spot, wait for a right wave and…catch it. It seemed to be a solution for every problem.

If you´re having a bad day, catch a wave. – Richard “Frosty” Hesson, MAKING MAVERICKS 

    We got to know all the instructors very well and surfed with all of them but David was definitely the best one. They all were passionate, nice, open-minded, happy people. We took yoga classes, we went out, we did snorkeling, we drunk many cocktails and it was just a perfect vacation. Even the shitty bad in the studio was totally amazing as we were that tired that it seemed like a king size luxury bad in a 5 star hotel. A human being could get used to everything, I got it really clear during that trip. Waking up every morning I was just smiling. I think those times I was really looking for that happiness, easy, independent and a happiness which gives you power to say – I can do anything! That´s what I was about to learn.


    Last day we went to a reef spot called Punta Blanca. It was just soooo hard. Paddling all the time, trying to get the idea how the ocean works, where the current is going, where you should go, where to be to catch a wave and where not to be. I was totally lost, David was trying to help as hard as he could. Even getting me to his leash and bringing me to the right spot. I tried to stand up a couple of times but I was so scared that could even remember the 3 easy steps to do that. Then I started to breath to calm down and tried again and again and again, falling and falling, paddling, paddling, paddling. I was exhausted but the moment I forgot about the fear I caught it! I caught a GREEN WAVE! It wasn’t like in a pro surfing videos and contests obviously but it was about what I felt that exact moment. PURE HAPPINESS.


    I was so tired, that I thought I was going to die there, but a stupid smile just popped up on my face. That´s the thing. No words needed.

You´re done. Once you´re a surfer you´re done. You´re in. It´s like the mob or something. You´re not getting out. – Kelly Slater, STEP INTO LIQUID

    Our trip was going to the end, of course we didn’t wanna go home at all but the real life was still there and both of us were forced to be back to work, daily routine and normal stuff – Mariya to London and myself to Madrid. On the way back I bought a couple of books about surfing, I wanted to know everything. The history, the heroes, the best spots and the best practices. EVERYTHING.

So that´s how the obsession started.

That´s how started a love story between a Siberian girl and surfing.