Meanwhile I am in Madrid I have time to dream about my next surf trip and remember the last one 🙂


    The time I came back from Fuerteventura, I am sure that my friends in Madrid were so fed up with all my stories, surfing books, movies etc. but I could help it, it was the only thing I could talk about after coming back. And one more thing – I was smiling all time 🙂

Surfing is like life everyday and every wave are different

    We were both crazy my friend and I. Next days we were already planning next surfing trip. Actually I thought that it would take us a bit more than 3 weeks… but in 3 weeks we were surfing again at the Spanish North shore close to Santander – Playa Oyambre.

    One of my work mates recommended me a really nice surf school called Oyambre Surf with a perfect accommodation close to the beach. It was a blue surf house standing in front of the ocean. It was just perfect. The owner Ruben was a really nice guy, who showed us around and brought us to the surf school at the beach to pick our surf boards and wetsuits.


    2 days more of amazing experience – surfing in the morning and in the evening with no no power left in the end of the day.

    That was like in a real movie: it was just a beginning of the season and there were almost nobody, we were having private lessons with 2 instructors and were surrounded by locals. Catching green waves, of course with help. We were too kooks to do it by ourselves yet, but we were putting all our efforts to make it real!

You can´t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf!

    I think I got into serious problems. I got an expensive hobby driving me crazy, which needs a lot of efforts and time. I got really crazy my first days back home and started thinking about moving to the beach and just surf…

But wait! I decided to take a brake. I gave myself some time. Till next time I go surfing 🙂

Let´s see where I´ll be next: Morocco, Bali, Costa Rica? Any suggestions?