This has been my desktop picture during a couple of years and finally I found time to make it real and go there. 


    What am I talking about? Exactly, Iguazu falls – the largest waterfalls system in the whole world! They are located at the border between Argentina and Brazil. Visiting Iguazu Falls was one of priorities and “must do” thing during my trip to Argentina this year. The waterfalls were chosen as one of the 7 Wonders of Nature and just have to be seen. The very first time I heard about them I knew I would need to go there 🙂

    We had only two days, its considered to be perfect to see both Argentinian and Brazilian side of the waterfalls. We took our backpacks and left Buenos Aires to see the miracle.

How to get there: there are two international airports close to Iguazú Falls: the Argentine Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport (IGR) and the Brazilian Foz do Iguaçu International Airport (IGU).

    Normally, the majority on national airlines fly to Iguazu from the Jorge Newbery Airfield International Airport located in Palermo district. Its pretty close to the center of the city and you can easily be there in 30 min max taking a cab or an uber, which was the most convenient option for us in Buenos Aires.

     After a short flight, we got to Argentinian side of Iguazu, the airport was small and it was so easy to get a cab, you just need to remember that in Argentina they prefer CASH wherever you go! There were just two cash machines in the airport and both of them were out of service…

    The air was amazing, it was humid, but so clean that it was hard to breath in the beginning. We were on the way to a nice place called Cabañas Castillo Iguazu, where we rented a small house for 4 of us just for one night.  The owner greeted us with a huge smile, his name was Omar and he was super positive all the time, he gave us a couple of advices regarding the best way to see mostly everything during our short visit, the best places to eat etc. He was living there with his wife and two pretty daughters. Omar moved there a couple of years ago from Mallorca, he was originally from Buenos Aires, but decided to make his dream come true and moved all the family to this perfect spot.

    Our first day we decided to start with the Argentinian part of the waterfalls, where a 80% of all the falls are located including the biggest one – la Garganta del Diablo, which is 80 meters high.

Here is a map, so can imagine how HUGE there are:


The best way to see everything is:

  • to take a lower circuit (the blue one on the map)
  • get to the boats, descending down the stair case off the circuit
  • make a boat trip which will definitely makes you entirely wet, and will bring you to a very bottom of la Garganta del Diablo
  • then take a train at the Waterfalls station and go to la Garganta del Diablo as a final and most astonishing point.
Thats what we did and it was just speechless 🙂

    The only thing we didn’t have time for that day was the San Martin Island which is just in the middle of the waterfalls, it has stunning views of the Falls, as well as a sandy beach to rest on. One needs to take a boat which departs every 15 minutes if I am not mistaken.



    All this pics were taken from the Argentinian side which is so untouched! You are just walking through a “selva” – jungles in Spanish. Its a true miracle, which empresses you so much! There were a couple of moment when all of us were just silent and enjoying the power of the Falls. It fills you with incredible energy of the nature, sends you a piece of its power and makes you happier.



    Our second day was spent in the Brazilian side, where a bus takes you through the jungle and brings you to an amazing view point, where you get a bit wet as you are basically in the middle of the waterfall.

You feel every water drop on your skin, you hear every cascade falling down.

You are there in the middle of one of the 7 Wonders of Nature. 

foto-1-11-16-17-19-52Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset

    You should take into account that all the pictures don’t reflect even half of its power and beauty, you have to be there to see it, to feel it and to be a part of it!

P.S. Most of the pictures were taken by my friend Paco, if you wanna join his Instagram, don´t be shy @pakinho10

Hope you enjoyed reading the post it and already planning how soon you will get there!

If you have any questions about my trip, please send me an email and I will try to give you more details.