This year I visited one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe – the London´s Winter Wonderland @Hyde Park.

    The market houses more than 200 chalets with a huge variety of festive goods, lights, cuisine etc. An enormous Bavarian Village where you can try a German sausage and Gluhwein – German Mulled Wine, besides that I didn´t miss an opportunity to try a hot apple cider and it was delicious, especially accompanied with a nutella and berries crepe!



    You should forget about diet while going to Christmas markets, you will be anxious to try mostly everything ! The market is still open till the 2nd of Jan 2017, so hurry up!

    If you are in London these days, don’t forget to take a walk in the centre and take a look for example at Christmas lights at Regent Street which just amaze your imagination, Carnaby Street also worth going to.


    Another great city to enjoy Christmas rush is Vienna, Austria. Nowadays, there are over 20 official Christmas Markets! The most famous and astonishing one is located in front of the City Hall and has a gigantic skating ring with many narrow alleyways. It also offers traditional handcrafted goods, Christmas cookies and candles etc.


Important Note: one thing you will have to taste is a freshly baked Vanillekipferl, which is a typical Austrian recipe, its smell  fills the air and creates a wonderful atmosphere.


    Also a really nice destination is a small german city – Braunschweig, last year I enjoyed a lot the Braunschweig Christmas market which is considered to be one of the most attractive and atmospheric Christmas markets in all of Germany. Each year, it attracts several hundred thousand visitors. Its more than 500-year tradition! Here are some pics from my last year trip and some current ones as my best friend lives there and every year I get a great portion of beautiful Christmas cards from Braunschweig! The atmosphere there is amazing and one could enjoy culinary delicacies from the region and of course the famous Gluhwine, where they also add all types of alcohol 🙂

    Most of the Christmas markets in Europe are only open till the 24th-26th of Dec, so take a note a plan your Christmas route 2017 🙂


…and New Year is on the corner, I hope you all had time to make your wishes!