Spain is famous for its food and it’s a paradise for a foodie like myself 🙂

This time I decided to combine traveling and gourmet experience at one place – San Sebastián or Donostia, how spaniards call it in Eusquera – one of official languages in the coastal city located in the Basque Autonomous Community. Btw, language differences could drive you totally crazy in this country but it has its charm anyway…

Having some friends is always a good reason to visit some new city and also be able to enjoy local experience, local restaurants and bars “de toda la vida”.

I would like to mention that usually Spanish people don’t even remember names of the places, the places are know by the type of food served. So here the list of the places explored, tasted and enjoyed! 🙂

Let´s start with Old Town where we spent most of our time:

  1. Bordaberri – risotto with idiazabal cheese. It was just delicious! We have also tried some kebab and a really tasty pork tapa. You wont see any pinchos demonstrated on the bar as normally, there is just a menu on the wall where you can pick stuff and everything is in Spanish, so you should be careful!
  2. Zeruko – the most elaborated pinchos  I´ve ever seen! This place is pretty famous among Guiris – foreign tourists and is always full. Its worth going to as every small dish has its proper way to be prepared, with its sauce, its decorations and amazing flavor of course. Its a young fusion art. img_5501img_5503img_5623
  3. Txepetxa – anchovies. Unfortunately, the day we were there the place was closed, but you should definitely try it if you are an anchovies´ lover!
  4. La Viña – the best homemade cheese cake in the city. So when you are already full of salty stuff, its a time for a dessert! Ask for a cup of coffee accompanied with a piece of famous cheese cake and you will feel blessed, of course if you are such a food freak like me 🙂 img_5507
  5. Portaletas – all type of pintxos. Actually in 2015 this bar was awarded “The Best Pintxos Bar”. Also every Friday you can enjoy Oysters degustations with a glass of champagne. This place is a part of Garrancho Group, which is managing several restaurants, among them are Bardulia and Aralar Taberna which are also worth going to if you have time.img_5510img_5625
  6. Atari – pintxos and drinks (best cocktails and cute bartenders!). Great design, super cool music, nice people, friendly atmosphere, tasty fresh food, great cocktails, which are hard to find in Spain as people prefer to drink beer, vine and than switch to classic stuff like GinTonic or Rom Coca. I personally felt in love with this place. It also has a nice terrace where you can enjoy your drinks in summertime. Its a perfect combination to either finish a day or start a night in San Sebastián.

Besides that, don’t forget to take a tour around the city to do some sightseeing:

  • The Urgull hill
  • The Comb of the Wind and Monte Igeldo which you can reach by funicular
  • La Catedral del buen pastor and a nice shopping area
  • la Zurriola Beach – surfing spot! I was so shocked to see so many people surfing there in winter! The water temperature  was around 13 degrees! Famous surf school Pukas  also located there if you wanna ride some waves 🙂


I am sure there is a lot more things to see and to taste in other districts but I will leave it till next time. Hope you will find this post useful and take my list with you next time you make a gourmet experience in the North of Spain! Hugs and smiles 🙂