Another obsession of mine is snowboarding.

    You probably can imagine that in Siberia a lot of people do ski or snowboard, but I actually started really late when I was 17 I think. The best place to learn close to my city is Sheregesh – a small town close to the Altay mountains which is located 6-7 hours drive from my city Novosibirsk. Its a really beautiful spot, I am sure there are gonna be more posts about this place in my blog, but for now take a look on the pics below:


It is also famous for the massive ride in bikini every year:


And amazing apres ski fun:


Where did you learn to ski/snowboard? 🙂

I hope if you have a chance to ski in Sheregesh, you would definitely love skiing/snowboarding off-slope as well! And there is always snow from the end October almost till May 🙂