Normally when you think about Spain, you imagine Barcelona, Canary Islands with gold sand beaches and sunny weather all the year = all year long, but have you ever thought about Spain as a ski destination?

Besides the fact that there is only a couple of months of good snow, Spain do have several really nice ski spots in the Pyrenees and also one in the south close to Granada – Sierra Nevada. Top station of Sierra Nevada – Veleta peak  is at 3.398m high. There are several facilities for every type of visitors: kindergarten, playground, snow park etc.

I´ve already been to Sierra Nevada a couple of times before and this time wanted to visit the Pyrenees.

This time we stayed in a small town located near the Pyrenees and the border with France called Jaca. I never heard about this place before but as one of my friends is from Jaca he convinced us to go there. Later I realized that it was a smart decision because from Jaca you could go to 3 different ski resorts and ride more slopes:

  1. Formigal. This resort has Spain’s biggest ski area and offers 137km of pistes over 90 runs. It is also known for Marchica – the best apres-ski in Formigal with DJs playing outside, just where the slops end. When you finish your ski day around 5 pm, everybody gets there to have some drinks and dance till the stars come out.

    NOTE: if you go there on the weekend and need to rent ski/snowboard you should really come early, because there is just one rental and a clue will surprise you! Trust me, Ive spent there almost 2 hours!



2. Astún. It is 100 km of perfect tracks of all difficulty levels and paths suitable for all the types of skiers/snowboarders. Its more or less 20 min drive from Jaca. The tracks are a bit more difficult than in Formigal, there is also a nice snow park sponsored by Burton built with several jumps and kickers for pros 🙂


3. Candanchú. The most difficult ski resort, as it is north faced and there almost no sun on the tracks. You have to take into account that the slopes are very steep, so if you are a beginner its better for you to start with other two resorts. We didn’t go there because we haD just 4 days and preferred a secure skiing in red and black slopes at Formigal and Astún, but next time I would definitely try it there!


  • The ski pass (forfait) is around 45 € /day  with security included at all 3 ski resorts, in each one of them you could also find Ski Schools and take some lessons if needed.
  • Basic ski equipment, including boots, sticks and helmet – 25 € /day 
  • Snowboard, boots and helmet – 35 -40 € /day 
  • Day meal 10-15 € avg.

If you haven´t tried ski or snowboard yet consider Spain as a place to be 🙂 Or if you have already been to Alps and Andorra spots, you should explore new places in the Pyrenees!

Love, snow and freedom to everyone!