There are already several posts in my blog about Argentina, but this will be a special one. About a place where I left my heart, where I felt truly free – The Glacier Perito Moreno. 

Here are some reasons why you should include it in your travel list:


Located in Los Glaciares National Park (Parque National Los Glaciares), Glacier Perito Moreno is one of Patagonia’s most visited sites.

   How to get there?

I think the easiest way would be to stay in Calafate – a small town close to the National Park and take an organized tour or go there by car if you prefer to avoid group excursion. We chose a company called Hielo&Aventura which has more than 25 years of experience in organizing glacier trekking and navigation. The tour will cost you around 2100 Arg usd for mini trekking and 3100 Arg usd for Big Ice which includes 5 hours trekking onto the Glacier, which is really for PRO trekkers :). Also don’t forget that there is an entrance fee to the park which has to be paid in cash, so take some dollars before you start your tour.

We did “mini trekking” which is really an overwhelming experience.

The excursion begins in the pier situated in “Bajo de las Sombras” port, where you embark for a 20 minutes navigation across the Rico Arm, enjoying breathtaking views of the Perito Moreno glacier’s front wall.

You get out of the boat on the opposite shore, where specialized guides will lead you to a small shelter and make groups of more or less 20 people, then you all follow the guides to get a pair of crampons on and they explain you how to use them. You are ready for one hour and a half trip that you will never forget!


It is a very weird feeling walking onto the Glacier, it is like if you were an astronaut who just got to the Moon. In the beginning you are scared but than your steps get more firm and you start to enjoy the process, looking at every little detail, trying to hear every little “crack” of ice and trying to feel the Glacier. In the end of the trekking there is a surprise waiting for you – a glass of whiskey with ice from the Glacier. These are things that you are gonna be picturing in your head for a long time and then telling about it to your children and grand children for sure. 🙂


After the trekking was done, we had lunch enjoying a stunning view of the Perito Moreno, I just sat there and felt so small in front of such a huge nature creation. All the problems just flew away, I was amazed by the spectacular natural phenomenon. I was so happy there thinking about my life, where I want to go, what I want to do. I felt powerful and that nothing is impossible. Thats the feeling I brought back home with me thanks to the Glacier, this amazing country and people who are taking care of this miracle and living it everyday.


Front part of the Glacier


I hope my pics have convinced you that it is a nice place to visit, it´s a place to tell about, it´s a place to lose your fears and believe in yourself.