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Life is better when you surf. What do you think?

Meanwhile I am in Madrid I have time to dream about my next surf trip and remember the last one ­čÖé ┬á ┬á The time I came back from Fuerteventura, I am sure that my friends in Madrid were so... Continue Reading →


“Mi Buenos Aires querido, cuando yo te vuelva a ver?”

┬áHoy que la suerte quiere que te vuelva a ver, ciudad porte├▒a de mi ├║nico querer, oigo la queja de un bandone├│n, dentro del pecho pide rienda el coraz├│n. ┬á "Mi Buenos Aires querido" In my opinion there are two... Continue Reading →

If you┬┤re having a bad day, catch a wave.

A┬ádream coming┬átrueÔÇŽone day it just popped up in my mind that it would be nice to try surfing, it seemed to me so magic, so interesting and not that hard to learn from the first sight. ┬á ┬á ┬áI've just... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my blog!

I would like to┬áintroduce myself first. It will give you an idea about my personality and will make you feel more comfortable reading my next posts ­čÖé My name is Ksenia, I am 26 and just by reading the blog... Continue Reading →

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